Thursday, 5 September 2019

All hands on deck at Borde Hill Garden this September

As weather suitable for climbing and rambling starts to subside (whether you’re a person or a plant), it’s all hands on deck at Borde Hill Garden this September. For starters the climbing and rambling roses will all need a good prune to reduce their height and protect them from the onslaught of wind that winter’s sure to bring.

Elsewhere, the late flowering perennials that have kept a pleasing sea of colour flowing through the garden of late will now need deadheading and watering where necessary, (the latter is especially relevant if we’re to have another Indian summer like those we’ve enjoyed in recent years).

Beyond that the perennials will need lifting and dividing. Most perennials benefit from division every two to three years to maintain health and vigour. If you want to increase the number of plants you have by dividing them, the task can be done more regularly.

The beautiful beech and hornbeam hedges, of which we are lucky to have a few, will all also need a light trim to ensure they all come back next year at their brilliant best. And the birch trees will get a similar treatment for the same reason.

And with our eye firmly placed on next year already, end of this month we’ll also set about planting spring flowering bulbs including fritillarias, alliums, narcissus, tulips, triteleias and muscari.

What to look out for in the garden this month: